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By Black Obilisk Software

A few years back I was introduced to a particular piece of software that I absolutely adore as a writer. This one is meant for PC users, another article will have Mac users smiling in the near future, I promise.

This software is a beast for the organization of character builds, plot outlines, chapters, images, and so forth. A BEAST. I love this program, can’t say enough good about it, really wish they had a Mac version, perhaps someone out there may volunteer to help out with that one day. The price? How about shareware (with no limited features on it) with a low lifetime price of 45.95$ USD (that’s about between 60 and 70 bucks CAD, it fluctuates). I love their try it before you buy it attitude.

So, I bet you are sitting there going – get on with it, why do I want this software as a writer. There’s Scribner and other more known software out there to use. If the price of LSB XE doesn’t get your motor running then let me undulate you with the other beastly features of this awesome software:LSBXE

Any folder on your computer that contains your work. Create a book that covers an entire series of novels, or a book just for magazine articles.

Multiple Chapters combined into a single document.

A flexible table of contents that combines notes and chapter titles.

Listings organize files in a collapsible tree.

A simple list of files. Like-named files access the same association.

A rich text editor where you write your novel.

Quick reference notes.

A collapsible tree of ideas. A wonderful place to brainstorm.

Link ideas together using lines and text.

A list of titles and captions with checkmarks.

Multiple rich text documents sorted into a single file with titles, descriptions, and color indexing.

Plot multiple characters across the length of your story using colored timelines and cards.

Text and Images combined

Create a writing journal or even fictional journals for each one of your characters.

A list of horizontal columns with titles and descriptions.

People, places, and things. Adjectives with descriptions and a portrait.

Reference pictures, the photos that inspire writing, images that create a comfortable writing workspace.

The music that inspires writing. MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV file types.

Grouped Images viewed by a series of thumbnails. Position thumbnails to highlight the importance or effect.

Grouped Songs for quick and easy listening.

Sound recording using a microphone. Create audio notes, or, for flow and tempo, listen to yourself reading.

Any external program or file useful to your work. Quickly access your favorite software.

A way to save window positions and files. Don’t take my word for it, check out the full shareware today and find out just how easy it is to organize your writing. To top off the beastly software, it’s not just for books, you can organize any type of writing from university papers, magazine, and blog articles to you think of it, it can help you organize it. They also have a full set of tutorials. I’ve been using this software off and on for many years (thank you Todd for introducing me to it), I can’t recommend it enough to both budding new writers and well-seasoned writers.

Check it out, and you will find it on our upcoming podcast as well at the end of the month when I praise the program even more on Nevermore!

Liquid Story Binder

A quick shout out to Jesse from Black Obelisk. Thank you kindly for your permission to use anything from your site for Liquid Story Binder, you were amazingly helpful and I appreciate the time you took to email back and offer your help where I might need it.

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