5 Years Now, Here’s to Another 5

…And then some.

I remember the day I saw the post for a cover. Embracing Heathenry. I figured, why not help a fellow weaver of stories out. Turns out we have quite a bit in common. From the toils and strains of being a woman in an entrepreneurial setting to women with our own personal battles both from our past and in the present – babies, bottles, families, businesses, writing, publishing. We found ourselves, revolving around all of that and each other.

Then I met Sarah, Larisa being the go between and introductory person between us. The moment I heard her voice with Larisa’s on that phone call I knew we were a force to be reckoned with, a powerhouse together – Tri-JuJu (I can hear them both giggling at that). We’ve co-authored, we’ve created, and helped others create. We are the three who blaze trails instead of follow set paths. Between Larisa and Sarah I don’t think I could have asked for better partners, friends, family…and ultimately sisters.

It grew, like one of our children, it grew. From one to two to three. From one book to …well you’ll have to wait to see how many (let’s just say …we grew exponentially fast across many genres). Now it’s Three Little Sisters (soon LLC) and The Real Saga Press to Little Bird Books Press… We slew a giant (project), learned new swordsmanship (skills), won battles (went to bat for other authors), and are winning the war (we are a publishing house, small but fierce).

I went from cover artist, to executive assistant and now with great honor I am now Executive Coordinator. Not that titles matter to us three very much but you know the business world asks for them and we aren’t allowed to use princess unicorn catcher so…right, Exec Coordinator it is.

So, I raise my glass and bid thee, my fair sisters, many more years, no, decades of crazy conversations, gut searing belly laughs, shoulders to lean on when the waters get murky and so much more. To the family you can pick, I say here, here!smoothly between our staff and authors.

I am also the owner and operator of the document tech business Black Cat Editing & Design. If you have a question about our publishing house and LLC, I’m the girl you want to see!

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