Angel Bay Underworld Part One

Angel Bay Underworld

-Shawna Kahn, Investigative Journalist-

My name is Shawna Kahn, an investigative journalist for the Angel Bay times. I wanted to explore the seedy underbelly of Angel Bay. This is an investigative series dedicated to discovering the truth about the metaphorical dark alleys and dirty underworld that is indicative of a major metropolitan area like Angel Bay. The quiet places, the places people know about but don’t broadcast, those places and the activities that occur in those places led me down some very dangerous and interesting rabbit holes. Ultimately through my investigation, a recurring name continued to be whispered. Jane Dean. Who was she? Why was she so sought after? How did she become so powerful and was able to move effortlessly throughout law enforcement, politics, and the public like a goddess? I set out to find her. What happens next, well, the stories and interviews speak for themselves.

In most developed countries around the world there are seemingly endless areas of prosperity and growth for people to find and wield power over others. Angel Bay is no different. This major metropolitan city, with a population of roughly 1 million people, might seem like a quaint and fun midwestern town. It has charming areas, state street, university avenue, Willy Street. It has farmers markets, mom and pop diners, and all the fixings of Norman Rockwell paintings. People come here for work, for school, for a chance at a better life. Some have been here forever, are generationally conditioned to stay in Angel Bay. Others left their rural townships and country life to get a taste of what it’s like in a big city. Some make it, some don’t, and still others find less than conventional ways to get what they want or need and in the process ruin their lives or the lives of others. Drugs, trafficking, weapons, sex…the sordid underbelly of a major city like Angel Bay where the discarded lives are evident if one knows where to look. How did they get here? What happened to them on their way to a better life?

It’s no secret that in today’s day and age anything anyone wants they can get if they know the right people. Drugs and drug usage are a huge problem across the United States and the world. Fentanyl laced heroin has increased drug related deaths in Angel Bay. Fentanyl, an additive used for making car parts, is also used in drugs in order to “cut” or make the drug less pure but highly potent. This increases profits for drug dealers but decreases their client base substantially. There is no shortage of ways people can inflict harm onto themselves or others.

With the easy accessibility to dangerous and risky behavior, it’s only right to find the perpetrators, the ring leaders, and get their stories on record. While drugs and weapons are commonplace, this expose’ focuses on something less mainstream. Violent destruction of lives using intimacy or a ruse of intimacy. Preying on humans and using their emotions to destroy their lives for personal gain became highlighted over the course of this investigation. There are places in the world, and Angel Bay, where people can find someone, anyone, who will dominate, degrade, and break their spirit under the construct of love and affection. These places are less easy to find, there are more controls in place to protect the people at the top, but the principal appears to be universal. Whatever your hearts desire, there are ways to attain those desires if one is willing to sell their soul for a few fleeting moments of pleasure.