Artist’s Corner: Junked

How the Junked cover imagery and typography was chosen.

This is one of my books, well short story actually. It stems off of another short called These Chains. This particular story is a short horror autobiographical fiction. I wanted the new cover to be dramatic but soft as well. I didn’t want it to be white washed colors but I wanted a wash to the cover as well. Something that would draw the eye exactly where I wanted it to go, the cowboy hat on the car.

Those two elements of the story are the two key elements that play both an integral and central roll in the story telling. One that became a symbol for gramps (the cowboy hat) and the other a doorway of sorts (the car). These two elements, the hat and the car, had become my cover foreshadowing the story inside so to speak.

As for the typography, I wanted very block like fonts to drive home the severity of addictions and the finality of the story conclusion. In that respect, the typography plays as much a roll in being a foreshadowing element as the imagery did.

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