Artist’s Corner: Valkyrie

How the Valkyrie cover imagery and typography was chosen.

First, let me say that I absolutely love this book. The plot is fantastic and it’s a gender bending story line that my fellow LGBTQ+ community will absolutely go bonkers for. Helgi is a fantastic character, relatable as they come. His struggles in the story feel very real to the reader as Stephan delves into the finer details of Helgi’s life.

That being said, I wanted to create a cover that reflected not only Helgi as a rock star character but depicted the strength and chaotic nature of the character as well as the divinity of the Valkyrie mythology from Norse paganism.

To do that, I first had to decide on the background images. What depicts Valkyrie more than a Valkyrie herself? A simple shadow effect with grunge elements created the mysteriousness that Valkyrie have always given me a sense of being. With hints of both traditional male and female color schemes that cross the “boarder” of genders and blend together I wanted to create a sense of gender fluidity to the cover. Along with the guitar in behind the back cover title piece and the typography taking on a very grunge feel we have the cover you see here.

All my covers take on the life of the story found within as closely as I can get them to. A good cover creates the atmosphere for the reader to immerse themselves into the writer’s story. It’s the hook as the industry calls it. I would say, even more so than the back cover synopsis might be because the first thing a reader sees is the cover.

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