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Todd Evans

A military veteran from Corpus Christi TX, a revered drummer and beloved father and son. Co-author of Fallen, Fallen: The Seed and Immortal Chronicles. Browse Author

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Warwick Hill Jnr

A writer with a very varied background. The eldest son, and third child in a family of eight children. He was born in far North

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Simon Von Wolfe

Simon Von Wolfe is a survivalist and author of the Curiosity Aphotocarious newsletter, in which he advocated using correct research, dosages, and proper preparation in

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Melodi Grundy

Melodi Lammond-Grundy grew up in California and went to college at the University of Southern Mississippi. She spent some years in Colorado, then moved to

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Maria Kvilhaug

Maria Kvilhaug is a Norwegian author and historian who writes in the English language. She was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1975. She has written

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Larisa Hunter

During her time with Kenaz Kindred she lectured at numerous Canadian heathen and pagan festivals, written articles for several books, and recently published her first book, “Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru” (Megalithica Books, Immanion Press).

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