Author: Larisa Hunter

Wait What?

It’s difficult to find out your author to whom you support and love is not the person who you thought they were. Yes, it sucks! Since the beginning of time, we find out our idols, elders, and others sometimes seem impossibly perfect, as if carved from unbreakable marble they are fixed in this point of history that is marked and indelible in our minds.

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Blog Changes

OVID has touched all of us in many ways, in order for us to focus on books getting released so that we can provide some

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Reading a lot of articles right now that are focused on publishing rights makes me reminisce about my own ignorance on the subject oh so

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Education Continued

Educational leaders have an obligation to implement tools for societal change. The public school system was conceived and developed in the 1920s as an industrial

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Peace In Education

Peace in Education Statas Quo since the 1920s and Need for Change in the 2020s -By CP- Educational leaders have an obligation to implement tools

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Roll A Story Challenge Round Two

Genre non-fiction thriller paranormal romance young adult mystery historical fiction Location Old West Tropical Desert Arctic Mountain town Remote village   Plot Twist Tropes Antagonist

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