Author: Larisa Hunter

New Year, New Prompt

Writing in Different Points of View POV or point of view is a big working tool in a writer’s toolbox. Everything we can covey can

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Doing the Nano Dance

“Winning Nanowrimo” It’s been a while since I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo. In fact, the last time I tried I only ever made it to just

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Short Story-How Odin Becomes Santa

Short Story-My daughter once asked me how Odin becomes Santa. For heathens, we practice very differently and so what I am sharing is only what our family feels about the holidays. For us, Santa and Odin are one and the same and he is the one that brings us the gifts that sit under our tree. This is my explanation of why the Santa you see everywhere looks nothing like Odin at all.

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Yule & Mothers Night

Yule is part of a heathens life. It is one of the most important holidays that we have. It honors our dead in the fact that we believe that Odin takes part in what is known as the Wild Hunt

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Warwick’s ‘Yule’ Cake

Warwick’s ‘Yule’ Cake. Ingredients 1 kg dried fruit mix. 350ml Honey Mead. 200gms dried and diced figs. 200gms diced ginger. 500gms nut mix – Pine,

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Origins of Plum Pudding

“Christmas pudding originated as a 14th-century porridge called ‘frumenty’ that was made of beef and mutton with raisins, currants, prunes, wines, and spices. This would

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