Cheddar (The Cat)

I is Cheddar, and I be fwee years old. I be wild and filled wif lots of energee, and I has big avenchurs ebery day. I tells my storwies on my tweeter page, using my own words and yooneek stile, for all da wold to see.

I be bery smart, I luvs to lern, and I be a fearse hunter of bugs and zombees. My favrit fings be climing twees, running, wessling, biting, and playing fech. I also has two big sisters. Socky be da oldest and she be da boss.

Chewy be older den me too, and I like to pounce her and chase her, but she always runs to mama and taddils on me. Dere be so much to see and lern and taste, and I cannot wait to diskubber it all!

-This is a real bio is written by a cat and therefore is spelt correctly in cat-

Cheddar’s mom

Cheddar’s mama is an over-educated introvert with an overactive imagination. When she’s not chasing after Cheddar or helping him with his Twitter account, she is busy procrastinating, daydreaming, and dealing catnip.

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