Dawn Brunelle

I was born in Lachine, Québec and spent my childhood there and in Delson on the South Shore of Montréal. Most of my adult life was spent in the West Island of Montréal. I have two grown daughters, Véronique and Samantha (Nikki and Sam) who are my pride and joy. I have been writing off and on—more off when the girls were small—and a lot more on now that I am retired. I was studying for a certificate in creative writing at Concordia, but the certificate program was cancelled before I finished. However, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from the courses that I took.

I belong to the Québec Writers Federation and have taken two workshops with them, which were also extremely helpful. One piece of flash fiction, Monsters Among Us, was published in Coffin Bell Magazine, and a short story, Tilly and the Virus was printed in Down in the Dirt Magazine. I’ve been a member of Amnesty International since the 1970’s and was a member of a local chapter when I lived on the West Island. I still take part by Zoom. Now that I’m retired, I live in the boonies of Havelock, Québec with my significant other. Besides writing, I am learning to play the piano, have taken up yoga, make soap, knit ridiculously small projects, and garden in the summer. In other words, I live the retirement that everyone dreams of. 

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