Jacki Jacobs

Jacki Jacobs is a Personal Brand Photographer & Coach who refers to herself as the “Paparazzi” of the Entrepreneurial “Rock Star”. She attended both UMASS Amherst and Westfield State University and majored in English [specializing in Secondary Education] and minoring in Women’s Studies. She started her journey into entrepreneurship after helping her husband create a video game in 2009, which she retold humorously in a TEDx talk she gave in 2017 titled: Video Game Design: A Love Story. During this inspirational moment where she spoke about the road less taken, she had a powerful epiphany: building confidence in women business owners is her truest calling. She began teaching workshops to small business owners and entrepreneurs and most recently wrote her book on Rock Star Confidence through Branding. Jacki also gives tips and advice to her audience on her social media networks. Armed with a can-do attitude and her faithful pup, Pixie at her side, Jacki is taking on Imposter Syndrome and helping build Rock Star Brands across the globe one sassy day at a time. Jacki also gives tips and advice to her audience on her social media networks.

You can follow Jacki on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jackijacobs/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JackiJacobsPhotographyPage/

If you want to learn more about what Jacki does you can check out her website: http://jackijacobsphotography.com/

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