Jean Claude Swart

“One day you will build starships.” My father once told me as a boy. I never knew what he meant. Only further down the road did I realize what he meant that day. As a youngster, I started writing early. When I earned my first (and last) certificate for creative writing in primary school, I knew that one day I would spin epic yarns for others to enjoy. My mother was also a constant source of encouragement as she would always read my little shorts and critique me.

I never went to university, or have any sort of formal tertiary education. But thanks to the likes of Tolkien, Eddings, Gemmel and last, but not least, Frank Herbert, they were my influences growing up and as I immersed myself into their worlds, I learned from them as well. They were the standard I measured myself to.

Our generation of writers stands upon their shoulders and any success we garner today would be thanks to the fathers of their respective genres. So I hope that all who read my works will enjoy the worlds I crafted as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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