S. A. Chardon

S. A. Chardon grew up in Wales in a happy family environment. She left home to work in London as a Nanny in the 70’s, for four years, after which she returned to Wales with her baby in tow. In 78, Sally Ann found herself romanced by an Australian with whom she emigrated to Sydney Australia in September 78. They married in 79 and began establishing a life together. Sadly, the marriage did not work out. After her divorce, Sally-ann went back to school to gain additional skills to help her achieve a Management position. She graduated and obtained the position of Training Manager. In 1987 she met and married her current husband and began her Management Consultancy, working all over Australia. She retired in 2000 and moved to Bribie Island, Queensland, where she assisted her husband in his work as a photographer. Enlivened by nature and the environment, she was inspired to write environmental stories for her grandchildren, and Itty Bitty Me was born! Born to encourage children to see the environment as something that they, as children, can assist to take care of and respect, to show children they too can have a voice.

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