Bad Guy Turned Good Guy

I have this idea floating around my head for the last 48 hours. A book slash graphic novel slash illustrated comic style novel…

I know, that was complicated for an explanation. I keep seeing it in my minds eye. The first page a drawing of a guy (and oh my lord my google searches must be throwing red flags, be careful how you google stuff *eye roll*) has his back to a wall in a room, a child clinging to him, on his haunches, he has been injured…shot several times. He was a mercenary assassin for hire. The little girl was his current job BUT he turned (yeah I know Hollywood has exhausted this idea plenty of times but I have not taken my shot at the plot line yet) on the employer. He can’t do it, he can’t assassinate a little girl for a revenge job.

He is sitting there on his haunches, girl clinging to him, his custom black hawk .44 caliber in one hand, two bullets left, bleeding…staring at the reader (yes he is about to pull a Deadpool and make a 4th wall break). Blood dripping off his hand and gun, face in other hand. Enemies surrounding them …waiting for the ripe moment to pop off a kill shot…

What a mess…All for some little girl…What the fuck was I thinking. How the hell am I gonna work my way outta this one…

And then from there, the novel starts with a slow the roll, back up the train folks…lets show you readers just how we got there in the first place. From story board drawing to written word. Some illustrations along the way (story board, graphic novel style). A mix, if you will of medium. Tell a story with both art and word. So there it is. My idea that’s been plaguing me throughout the last 48 hours to the point I’m dreaming the damn thing this morning. Ever get that? A story in your head so desperate to live on paper that you start dreaming it? Seeing it? Even maybe hearing and smelling and feeling it?

Most of my writing comes to me in that intense whirl wind form, my fevered brain trying to explode the ideas onto the screen faster than my physical fingers can type (and I can type fast – I’ve been clocked at 200 wpm, my average is 180 wpm with a 98% accuracy rate typing from copy!).

I can draw but I can only draw so much and this project is proving to be a pain in the ass already with in its first few days of life living in my head. It’s making me grit my teeth and pulling my attention from some serious Saga work at times – then again not hard considering what I’m working on (I hate math and accounting …looks at boss lady with a raised brow). I find myself kind of floating on a day dream where the story is trying to squeeze through the carapace of my brain folds and spill through the cracks into both my working and personal life. So here I am writing about writing about it. What a messed up moment I’m having *laughs maniacally*


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