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Welcome to TLSB our very own little Bookpedia [book encyclopedia] by The Three Little Sisters the place where you can find details about the books we sell. All of our books are available via: Shop The Three Little Sisters.

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New in 2021 we have introduced a visual guide to all the genres of our titles. These icons will appear on all our fan box pages to provide readers with a quick reference on the novels style/contents. We also added a new page called Cover Explorer where you can learn how we pick covers for our books. You can also visit our new Typography corner to learn about how we pick fonts.

Bookpedia Standard

Explore all our titles across the board in our standard Bookpedia where you can learn more about our titles, explore what's beyond the cover and get information on future projects for the authors behind them.

Bookpedia Hybrid

Our non-fiction readers will delight in the extensive hybrid pages in which you can go inside the research, museums, books and more that helped create the foundation for the titles used to write these detailed works.