Attila’s Treasure


Stephan Grundy

Stephan Grundy June 28, 1967 – Sept 29, 2021 From his humble beginnings, Stephan Grundy/Kveldulf Gundarsson would make his mark on the world by writing on the rarest and obscure myths breathing new

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The story of Hagan’s stint as a hostage/fosterling among the Huns, and of various elements of his relationship with Waldhari (Waltharius of Aquitaine), particularly their parting battle, is found in several medieval sources. The most complete of these is the Latin poem Waltharius and the late Norse Pioriks saga; fragments of the Old English Waldere also survive. The story is alluded to in Nibelungenlied, where Hildebrand chides Hagan for having sat on his shield while Walter was fighting his kinsmen. The approximate date of the narration as I have told it is 415-1 7, counting back from the destruction of the Burgundian royal court by the Huns in ca. 436. In regards to the Vöglsung/Nibelung full retelling of the Vöglsung/Nibelung cycle as it appears in Rhinegold, Attila’s Treasure takes place between chapters 3 and 7 of Sigifrith the Walsing: while Sigifrith is growing up as a young hero, claiming his horse and sword and avenging his father’s death, Hagan is learning his own trades among the Huns.

Chapter Count

There are 13 chapters to the novel Attila’s Treasures. The story is written to be a continuous narrative that has no real ‘breaks’ between. The story follows the adventures of Hagan through his life and intersects it with the history of the warrior of legend Attila The Hun. Our author weaves us through the world of the Hun’s and through what it would be like to be a captive of their army.


The origin and nature of the Huns are disputed. I have chosen to present Attila’s Huns as a mixture of chiefly Central Asian nomads with some Finno-Ugric and Northern Asian elements, a mixture that may especially be noted in the shamanism of the Gyula.” Excerpt, Attila’s Treasure pg 577.

History on the Huns

Hunters and gatherers, the Huns traveled with flocks of sheep, which provided food and leather. They spent their lives atop their hardy horses, likely Mongolian ponies, and were said to dismount only when absolutely necessary. Attila was trained in horsemanship and shooting from an early age.


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