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Miss Unicorn

The mysterious author of our fan box posts, custom content and apparently some other magical unicorn dust that appears on our site.


This is where you will find basic information about a title. You will be able to read an overview of the novel itself and discover some key facts.

Chapter Count

You would see how many chapters are included inside a book and what those chapters might be like, for example are they continuous flow?, short?, long? sectioned? how is the book formatted.


“A quote from within the title along with it’s page number an citation will be placed here, so that readers can get a sense of the book”

History/Fun Fact/Etc

Variable section includes things like history, fun facts, authors notes or other information for readers.

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Book Details

Displays the page count, size, price, release date and international ISBN/BISAC codes for readers to use in library searches.

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