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Miss Unicorn

The mysterious author of our fan box posts, custom content and apparently some other magical unicorn dust that appears on our site.


Gives an overview of what’s in the book and what the book is about.

Some of our junior content pages contain links to story times, virtual craft alongs or more. Parents should vet the content of all videos as we cannot promise that YouTube keeps kids safe, but we do our best to ensure that our videos are safe for children of all ages.

Follow Robokitty along to the free activity center where you can grab some coloring sheets, get links to free games, get activity packs, and more! 


Fun Facts 

Our junior pages contains fun facts, activity links and more. All of these links are from secure, safe sites that meet the requirements for the digital act protecting children online. 

Links For 

All our junior pages contains information for parents, teachers or other caregivers to access. These links are from vetted, accurate locations only. When in doubt, we provide search criteria suggestions instead.

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Indicates the story type or ‘genre’ of the novel presented.

Book Details

Displays all the book information, BISAC codes and ISBN numbers for quick reference and cataloguing.

It also lists the illustration types, price and other information that shoppers can use to determine if a book is right for them.

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