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Warwick Hill Jnr

A writer with a very varied background. The eldest son, and third child in a family of eight children. He was born in far North


Leading a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, our lead character is Baron Christian Christiansonn, and his young cousin Ulf, his wife, Maria. His Grandmother, Joan. Later we meet his own son Erik, and the most beloved, Mistress Freya, Erik’s mother. Along with his close allies lead by Gunter, Wilhelm, and Johannes, Christian interacts with not only Valdemar IV Attadage, the rightful king of Denmark, the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. But also, with the then Pope Clement IV in Avignon, France. Every chapter introduces more amazing characters and vile villains. Among them the Master, and members of the Teutonic Order based in Lithuania. ‘Pagan Child’ begins in the 1340s and as life progresses, as Christian and his cousin Ulf age, so the story weaves its way throughout their lives, and the following books see Christian, and his family age in real-time. In the first book, they travel from Lithuania to Denmark, and then onto Norway. In the following books, they then travel to France, and then Holy Jerusalem. Everywhere there is the constant threat of battle, of death, but also of friendships renewed, of passion, of lust, and of carnal desires. 

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Easter Egg

In writing these novels, I did have a wonderful time. I am in real life a Medieval Re-enactor, loving both the 14th century and the Viking Darkage. As a re-enactor, my character is in fact my alter ego, the one, and only Christian Christiansonn. Christian is named due to the Scandinavian tradition, Christian son of Christian, equaling the surname Christiansonn. I am named Warwick Halse Hill Jnr, Warwick son of Warwick, and the added twist is that I follow ‘Fjorn Sid’ or the Old Path. I believe in the Pre-Christian faiths of Scandinavia and the Baltic.    

‘Halse’ is both a Saxon and Norwegian word, it means ‘Neck’ in my case a neck of land. Linking my family through my late Grandmother Pearl Halse Hill back to Norway, not bad for an Aussie writer!

From The Author

Christian home is ‘Thorsborg’ a short distance to the twin capital of Denmark, Odense. At that time not only a major trading city, but the home of Denmark’s great ship builders.  His town house is situated in the center of Odense, close to the Cathedral, and the Royal Palace. The description of Christian’s homes, draws the reader deep within his world, it’s functions, and its loves, and lives. Little is left to the readers imagination, as intimacies are revealed most delicately, but with passion. Watch for the contradictions within Christian, and the manner in which he both loves, and defends his world passionately. ‘No man is totally good; no man is totally evil’ A darkness dwells within us all! You may hate him the further you read, but as you draw in that final breath as you finish the first book. You will find a complete honest, dangerous, willful, loving man, a man who holds his family sacred to his very soul.

I wrote this series as a tribute to my love of the Pagan world, and my love of re-enacting, to the friendships of a lifetime, and the real loves of my life. I deliberately wove my real life, real people, into the books to bring my passion for so many things to life, to breathe as I have breathed, and like those I love have also breathed.

Finally, I offer these books as a valid rebuttal to the misconceptions of the 14th century, and the misconceptions surrounding the Christian Church of the time. Too often we simply believe what a tarnished Hollywood offers us, what old antiquated historians wrote in their desire to sanitize history, and allow the outdate Victorian/Judo Christian practice of winners rewriting history to validate their bigotry and their lies.

As a means of recording the passage of time, the 14th century was a century lasting from January 1, 1301, to December 31, 1400. It is estimated that the century witnessed the death of more than 45 million lives from political and natural disasters in both Europe and the Mongol Empire.[citation needed] West Africa and the Indian Subcontinent experienced economic growth and prosperity.

In Europe, the Black Death claimed 25 million lives – wiping out one-third of the European population[1] – while the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France fought in the protracted Hundred Years’ War after the death of Charles IV, King of France led to a claim to the French throne by Edward III, King of England. This period is considered the height of chivalry and marks the beginning of strong separate identities for both England and France as well as the foundation of the Italian Renaissance and Ottoman Empire.

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