Rainbow Milestones

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Sue Handley

Sue Handley [Sue “Kronella” Handley] was an 86-year young pagan lesbian, a former marine, former YMCA swim instructor, former astrologer, former foster mother of 106 children from 1964 through 1990 where she adopted the last 6 children she fostered and raised them.


Rainbow Milestones is the story of Sue Handley. The story follows her life growing up in turbulent times and her fight to establish gay rights. Sue was a fighter for her community, stood up to the government when it came to adoption, rights, marriage, and more. Outspoken, quirky, and fun, Sue is remembered as a beloved member of her community that was supportive and loving to her friends and family. The book was pieced together from interviews with Sue while she was living, and contains a lot of insights into the pre 1990s and the fight for rights, discovering yourself, and living authentically.


The book is written through Sue's journey toward her becoming her authentic self. Each chapter covers one of the milestones she passed, on the ever-winding roadway of life. 


The book is written as an autobiography. It follows direct and indirect accounts of Sue's life. The series of milestones contain subject matter of by-gone eras and therefore may seem quite out of place for readers of the 20th century. Concepts of biracial adoptions are covered as well as adoption rights for lgtbq+.

Walking The Rainbow Mile

Rainbow Milestones is a cute and sweet tale of a woman who was fierce. Sue's life was met with many challenges. She was an outspoken woman, appearing in interviews on adoption rights in the San Francisco area. Sue was an avid foster mother, providing a stable home for children. 

She wrote astrological pieces for BEAU magazine: https://beau-magazine.com/ and was from all accounts the sweetest woman in the world. Sue's life was preserved by her good friend Stella Caughell and provided to TLS from the estate of her surviving children.

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