Sue’s Flight

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Larisa Hunter

During her time with Kenaz Kindred she lectured at numerous Canadian heathen and pagan festivals, written articles for several books, and recently published her first book, “Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru” (Megalithica Books, Immanion Press).


Sues Flight is the story of a little elephant’s wishes to fly and so a group of her friends helps her dreams come true. An enchanting tale with a twist, Sue’s Flight reminds us to never stop dreaming. The idea was inspired by other great elephants like Dumbo, but Sue’s story is a different concept, it’s not about being born with the ability to fly, but the aspiration to be able to do something incredible.

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Fun Facts About Elephants

Elephants are mammals of the family Elephantidae and the largest existing land animals.
Three species are currently recognized: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant. Elephantidae is the only surviving family of the order Proboscidea; extinct members include the mastodons.
The family Elephantidae also contains several now-extinct groups, including the mammoths and straight-tusked elephantsAfrican elephants have larger ears and concave backs, whereas Asian elephants have smaller ears, and convex or level backs.
Distinctive features of all elephants include a long trunk, tusks, large ear flaps, massive legs, and tough but sensitive skin. The trunk, also called a proboscis, is used for breathing, bringing food and water to the mouth, and grasping objects. Tusks, which are derived from the incisor teeth, serve both as weapons and as tools for moving objects and digging. The large ear flaps assist in maintaining constant body temperature as well as in communication. The pillar-like legs carry their great weight.
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Genre: Fiction/Children's/Picture/Early Reader

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