Elves, Wights & Trolls

Stephan Grundy

Stephan Grundy June 28, 1967 – Sept 29, 2021 From his humble beginnings, Stephan Grundy/Kveldulf Gundarsson would make his mark on the world by writing


Elves, Wights and Trolls explores the relationship between the small beings throughout the Nordic region and their relationship with both humans and gods alike. From the small beings that dwell in rocks and plants to the large giants that formed strong relationships with the gods, Elves, Wights and Trolls contains a wealth of knowledge on the original views of these beings and how modern practitioners can form sacred relationships within the confines of today’s modern civilization.

Book Details
Author: Kveldulf Gundarson
Language: ‎English
Paperback: 210 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-959350-15-6
Item Weight: 0.637 lbs
Dimensions: 6×9 inches
BISAC: REL000000, REL054000, REL062000
List Price: $40.00 [Print]

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