Stephan Grundy

Stephan Grundy June 28, 1967 – Sept 29, 2021 From his humble beginnings, Stephan Grundy/Kveldulf Gundarsson would make his mark on the world by writing


Grundy tells his version of the saga of Sigifrith’s heroic ancestry and of the cursed treasure guarded by the dragon Fadhrmir, touching on Sigifrith’s coming of age, gaining a steed and a sword worthy of a hero, and of his deeds including revenge for his fathers death, and slaying the dragon Fadhimr while taking possession of the great treasure. Ending in his tragic destiny as it forces him into an impossible choice between two women: Gudrun, a powerful king’s daughter, his betrothed; and Bruinchild, who believes herself to be his destined soulmate.

This book is broken into three parts, inspired by the opera Das Rheingold: Das Rheingold (i; The Rhinegold), WWV 86A, is the first of the four music dramas that constitute Richard Wagner‘s Der Ring des Nibelungen (English: The Ring of the Nibelung). It was performed, as a single opera, at the National Theatre Munich on 22 September 1869, and received its first performance as part of the Ring cycle at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, on 13 August 1876. Stephan created a whole entire storyline for the various branches of families that intersected through various points in time, while being ‘influenced’, pushed and pulled by Nordic Gods.

The book includes characters that would later go on to provide further stories throughout Stephan’s linked fantasy universe. The book weaves itself all the way to Attila the Hun who was the main character in his book Attila and other characters that spill into Forlorn Hope and in some cases all the way to Valkyrie.

Stephan’s dedication to weaving a connected storyline that can be followed throughout his novels was one of his unique skills, and hence why we lovingly called him our mythic man, he was consumed with getting detail right and this (his first work) shows the story craft that he was well known for.

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