Simple Elder Futhark



Grab our rune intention kit and bring your intentions to life. By simple and meaningful acts you to can make a spiritual journey that improves your relationship with the gods, the ancestors and your own pathway.

♬ original sound - NatiDreddd
video below shows the original smaller futhark square format which has been replaced with a larger card.


The Simple Futhark Deck is a deck for those that appreciate minimalist design and a more subtle appearance. The deck comes with the standard meaning for each Futhark symbol for easy interpretation.

The Elder Futhark is a collection of 24 rune symbols used throughout various Nordic cultures. Comes in shrink wrap.

This deck is standard tarot size, easy to use and read. The cards fit nicely into the hand are sturdy and flexible. The minimal design lets the images of the runes stand out.

—Standard Tarot Size
—24 cards total
-All decks come with a matching or solid color box depending on availability, a randomly selected pouch, and some goodies-

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