Summoning The Bones

Sarah Strickland

Creative Director for Little Bird Books, Sarah has proven herself as an exemplary editor, and writer. She has been a member of many writing organizations and has several years of experience with writing dialogue and children’s literature.

Sheal Mullin-Berube

Born in Montreal, Quebec and now residing in Northern Ontario. A practicing eclectic, solitary Druidic Shaman with Unitarian Universalists ties.

Larisa Hunter

During her time with Kenaz Kindred she lectured at numerous Canadian heathen and pagan festivals, written articles for several books, and recently published her first book, “Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru” (Megalithica Books, Immanion Press).


Summoning The Bones, is the second book in the Riding The Bones series in which the authors continue to build on the previous book by extending the practice of death/dying rites and rituals to the goddesses. The book covers Irish and Heathen practices as well as goes into; witchcraft, dread sisterhood, rite and rituals, blood magic, harrow/alar setups, goddess meditations and more.

Book Two: Summoning The Bones


  • In the second book we dive into the  other goddesses that will be included in the oracle deck.
  • As well as expand on some of the topics covered in book one and dive into more related subject matter.

Further on the Content

  • The book contains meditations for each goddess
  • Devotional practices
  • Death Work
  • Blood Magic
  • Dread Sisterhood
  • Wights of the the dead
  • A big section on Druid practices
  • Dressing the body
  • The Staff carrying woman
  • Druid and Pagan rites
  • Heathen rites
  • Vulture Culture, bone tossing

Book One: Riding The Bones


  • The book is divided into multiple sections.
  • It introduces both the Nordic and Celtic cultures, beliefs and backgrounds as well as gives an extensive overview on the primary goddesses [Hel and Morrigan]. 
  • The book dives into variations on death and related lore/practices as well as theories on the death journey.
  • It contains ghost stories, myths and related lore
  • It features articles written by Katie Harwood [Why Children Don’t Go to Valhalla] and Tal Lee
  • The book is extensively researched and provides a massive amount of references for others to follow.
  • It dives into personal experiences with death and dying
  • Reflects varying views about ancestor veneration
  • Contains funeral practices, rituals and customs
  • Discusses death/dying in the modern age
  • As well as ton of other information

The Research

A list of all, Common Domain books, and all resources used in writing the three books.


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