The City

Daniel Smallegange

Daniel Smallegange was born in Kingston, Ontario in the previous century. He has a journalism degree from Carleton University and has been an Arts writer

Where does the story or stories take place?

In The City, a vast, sprawling, semi-ruined place, a futuristic world many decades after a great cataclysm destroyed modern civilization.

List all Main Character in each novel/story included above and what role they play inside each story/novel.

Meet Red Demon, albino master-thief and dealer of the drugs of the ancients, Blisthenov, potato artisan and bomb-maker, Vimey Mack, the hunchbacked dwarf gambler, and a pair of half-starved and ruthless mercenaries, Blixa and Milos. Come and dance through the vileness and villainy, sing songs of outrageous endeavour or celebrate the simple fact of having a coin for a bowl of soup.

Are there any ‘Easter eggs’ in your novel? Provide us with some hidden information that no one else knows about your story, is a particular quote relevant? Does a character share some dark legacy? Give us as much detail as you can on each novel/story you have written so that we can give away some key info to our fan page. These details should only be ones that do not ruin or spoil any plotline.

The Makotai, referenced in the City a couple times also pops up in my next novel, The Nexus Place, and 24th Century Dick, a comedy sc-fi film noir novel by me.

How The City cover was made

By Cover Artist: Sheal Mullin-Berube

Book Details

Author: Daniel Smallegange
Cover: Gloss
Language: English

Pages: 236
Dimensions: 5.5×8.5 inches
Weight: 0.616 lb

BISAC: FIC009020 & FIC009060

List Price: $20.00 [Print]

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