The Hellerune’s War

Catherine Heath

Catherine Heath has been dreaming up and writing down stories ever since she first learned to write. A longtime fan of the fantasy, paranormal, and

The Hellerune’s War: The Will O’The Wisps

It’s not easy being an exorcist-for-hire and part-time procurer of illicit goods. The hours suck, benefits are non-existent, and the occupational hazards (insanity, death, arrest, and deportation) aren’t great either. But Nikki’s making it work. Or at least she was. Because she’s working a new case now: a terrifying haunting at a farmhouse just over the state line in rural southwest Pennsylvania. It’s the kind of case where distractions can prove deadly, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Unfortunately for Nikki, there’s a new witch in town who’s taken a dislike to her, and he’s not the sort to leave his enemies alive. Life has never been easy for Nikki, and it’s about to get a whole lot harder. It’s a good thing she’s the kind of witch to stay alive out of spite. But with a witch war closing in on one side, and an ancient, otherworldly evil on the other, this time she may just end up paying the ultimate price.

How The Hellerunes War cover was made

By Cover Artist: Sheal Mullin-Berube

What are your pronouns?

Any! I don’t really have an internal sense of gender. Okay, well, that’s not entirely true. It’s more that whatever is inside me occupying the “gender box” doesn’t really fit into any of the more common categories. 

Really, the only time that any pronoun sticks out in my mind as being “wrong” for me is when someone chooses to use a specific pronoun for me to make an ideological point. When that happens, pronouns that otherwise don’t stand out to me become jagged, sharp things in my ears. So, go with whatever feels right to you at the time, but don’t use me as a prop for any arguments!

  • What’s your birth sign? Scorpio.
  • What’s your least favorite food? Anything with a gristly texture. Non-crispy fatty textures also make me want to vomit.
  • Animal or mineral? Animal: Wolf, Mineral: I’m quite fond of the chunks of quartzite in the woods behind my house, but I find metamorphic rocks pretty cool in general.

If I could be a werewolf, I would be a part of a wonderful and caring werewolf community, and with my wonderful powers of shapeshifting and crossing into the Underworld at night, I would probably just be happy to chill as a human during the day.

What got you interested in writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I find something magical about storytelling and putting what you see in your mind onto a page to share with others.

What would you say the hardest part of writing is? 

Staying true to your own voice and style as a writer!

If you included real world research to write your novel/series/multi series, please provide your entire bibliography of works that you used.

I didn’t do any research specifically for the first novel. I’ve been a witch for almost three decades myself, so I was mostly writing what I already knew. I did, however, dip into William Harrison Ainsworth’s “The Lancashire Witches” to remind myself of some of the names and details of the case

The first novel in the series takes place in 21st century WV.

Chapter Count or Style

The book is written as a continuous narrative with small minor transitions throughout. It is the first of three books.

  1. Hellerune’s War: The Will Of The Wisps [Releasing This Month]
  2. Hellerune’s War: The Dark Moor [TBD]
  3. Hellrune’s War: Hel’s Warden [TBD]

Easter Eggs

Nikki really needs to learn how to read ogham better.

From The Author

Are there classes, races, cast systems or creature types in your novel(s)? 

  • Living humans
  • Dead humans: Depends on the deceased in question. Appear as humans when encountered in dream and the Underworld and as ghosts or shadows/clouds of mist in the physical waking world.
  • The “wisps”: Origin currently unknown. Appear as shadowy-wisps.


Nikki Chattox: Witch, exorcist-for-hire, and procurer of illicit magical supplies.

Ellie Myers: Witch, owner of the Middle Pillar Merchants online occult store. Nikki’s housemate and sometimes-lover. 

Sean Blackthorn: Witch who takes a dislike to Nikki.

Annie Whittle/Old Chattox: Nikki’s ancestress and ally. Communicates with Nikki in dream.

Non-Main Characters

Myrtle Davis: Appalachian granny witch and friend to Nikki.

Alf Williams: Local blacksmith who grew up with more than a little knowledge of the uncanny and friend to Nikki.

Andrew: Hook-up from local bar. Nikki doesn’t care to learn his full name.

Alice and Jim Spinneweber: Clients of Nikki. Inhabit a haunted farm in Pennsylvania.

Mr and Mrs Ricks: Former clients of Nikki. Nikki doesn’t bother to learn their first names.

Charlotte Ricks: Daughter of Mr and Mrs Ricks. Abuse survivor.

Were any of the characters in your book or books based on a real person?? If so, who?

That would be telling! In all seriousness though, Nikki does have some of me in her DNA, but only in the sense that we tend to write what we know, and as a Witch from Lancashire who used to do house clearings, that’s something I know! However, Nikki very quickly grew into her own person, and frankly, I’m so very glad I’m not her! I’m very happy with my much calmer life with my family, pets, and witchy adventures.

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Author: Catherine Heath
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