Trickster & The Thunder God

Maria Kvilhaug

Maria Kvilhaug is a Norwegian author and historian who writes in the English language. She was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1975. She has written


Norse myths are chock full with stories of heroism, gods, giants, dwarfs, along with strong elements of shamanism, pagan ritual, sorcery and shape-changing. With commentary by Maria Kvilhaug, this volume two book is a collection of Old Norse medieval texts concerning the gods Thor and Loki. It contains translations of six Edda poems, three Skaldic poems and all the relevant passages from Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda. Maria’s ability to use her skills in philology shines a light on the texts as she extracts hidden meaning with the lore. Discover the myths that uncover a strong root to animistic understandings of the world in which these stories were told, revealing a old world that was filled with elements of shape-shifting, sorcery and shamanistic style practices to our current, new world.

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Whats Inside

Walking through various translations, passages and comparative poetry, Maria breaks down the core of Thor and Loki.

Cornelius Tacitus: Germania (80 A.D.): Introduction
Divine Adversaries
The Trickster
The Primary Sources
About the Authors
The Poetic Edda
The Prose Edda
The Skalds

1: Snorri Introduces the Gods 

  • Frá Trjóumönnum-About the Men from Troy
  • Frá Ása-Þór-About Thor of the Aesir
  • Þórskenningar-Metaphors for Thor
  • Frá Loka Laufeyjarsyni-About Loki Laufey´s son
  • Frá börnum Loka ok bundinn Fenrisúlfr-About Loki´s
  • Children and the Binding of the Greed Wolf-
  • Lokakenningar-Metaphors for Loki


Binding the Wolf of Greed

The Birth of Sleipnir-Æsir rufu eiða sína á borgarsmiðnum

  • Iðunn´s Abduction-Ægir sækir heim æsi.
  • Þjazi jötunn rænti Iðunni-When Slave-Binder the Devourer Stole Iðunn [Skaldskaparmál 2, Prose Edda]
  • Loki náði Iðunni ok dráp Þjaza-
  • Lóki Saves Iðunn and Kills the Slave Binder
  • Af ætt Þjaza-Of the Slave-Binder´s Lineage

Haustlǫng I-The Long Autumn

Trials and Humiliations in the Outer World

  • -Þórr hóf för sína til Útgarða-Loka.
  • Frá skiptum Þórs ok Skrýmis-
  • From the Works of Thunder and Loud Speaker
  • Frá íþróttum Þórs ok félaga hans-About the Sports of Thor and His Companions
  • Skilnaðr Þórs ok Útgarða-Loka-
  • The Parting of Thor and Outer World Loki
  • The Path from Earth to Heaven
  • The Song of Long Beard-[Hárbarðsljóð, Poetic Edda]66
  • The Song of the Drummer or the Hammer-Retrieval
  • Thor and Hrungnir-Frá Hrungni jötni.
  • Frá Gróu völu-About Growth the Wand-Witch
  • Haustlǫng II-The Long Autumn

Thor Travels To Red Spear-För Þórs til Geirröðargarða. 

Þórsdrápa-The Song of Thunder

Loki Steals Síf´s Hair-Af smíðum Ívaldasona ok Sindra dvergs.

  • Loki Steals Freyia´s Gem-From: Sörla þáttr eða Heðins saga ok Högna
  • Heimdallarkenningar-Metaphors for Heimdallr
  • Lokakenningar
  • Metaphors for Loki
  • [Skaldskaparmál 23, Prose Edda, quoting from Húsdrápa 2-3, a Skaldic Poem by Úlfr Uggason]

Otter´s Compensation Af otrgjöldum-Of the Otter´s Compensation 

  • The Speech of the Ruler-Reginsmál 1-9, Poetic Edda.

Thor and the Middle World Serpent-Þórr reri á sæ með Hymi. 123

  • The Song of Hymir-[Hymiskviða, Poetic Edda]

The Death of Balder-Frá Baldri, Frá Heði, Frá Vála

  • Vegtamskvíða eða Baldrs Draumar-The Song of Way-
  • Wont or the Dreams of Balder
  • Dauði Baldrs ins góða-The Death of Balder the Good
  • Metaphors for Gold and the Banquet in Aegir´s Hall
  • Lokasenna-Loki´s Quarrel

The Binding of Loki

On Ragnarök

  • About the Shattering of the Rulers-Frá ragnarökum.
  • The World after Ragnarökr-Vistarverur eftir ragnarökr.
  • Who Shall Live after Ragnarök-Hverir lifa af ragnarökr
  • About Wandering Learner
  • Frá Ganglera.

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