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Mead Recipes

A Collection of Mead Recipes for you to make your own mead at home! Home Brew Academy One Gallon Mead Storm The Castle Strawberry Mead

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Rites of Passage

Title: Viking Age Rites of Passage and Ritual Practices Introduction: The Viking Age, spanning from the late 8th to the 11th centuries, was characterized by

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Mead-Its History & Kennings

Title: Mead in the Viking Age: Ritual and Social Practices Introduction: During the Viking Age, mead played a central role in the social, religious, and cultural

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Iron Nails-Their use in magic

Iron nails, in their various forms, have played a significant role in many mystical and spiritual practices throughout history. From voodoo to hoodoo and paganism, these seemingly ordinary tools have been utilized for their symbolic and metaphysical properties. This essay aims to explore the multifaceted use of iron nails in these belief systems, examining their significance and the meaning they hold for practitioners.
In voodoo, iron nails are often employed as a means of protection and defense against negative energies, curses, and evil spirits. According to voodoo practitioners, the iron’s inherent properties of strength and durability serve as a suitable barrier against malevolent forces. Nails are frequently used in the construction of voodoo dolls, also called poppets, representing individuals whom one seeks to ward off or influence.

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The Grimoire

A grimoire is a significant artifact in the realm of esoteric knowledge and occult traditions. Derived from the Old French word ‘grammaire’, meaning “grammar,” a grimoire is a book of ritualistic instructions, spells, and magical formulas. It acts as a repository of arcane wisdom, detailing various occult practices, incantations, and instructions to harness supernatural powers.

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Exorcism is a fascinating and controversial practice that has deep historical roots. Dating back thousands of years, exorcism can be traced to various civilizations and religious traditions around the world. Throughout history, exorcisms have been performed to rid individuals of supposed demonic possession or spiritual entities. The process involves a ritualistic ceremony, usually performed by a trained individual known as an exorcist. This article will explore the history of exorcism, its cultural significance, and its depiction in popular films.

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The Djinn

The djinn, also commonly known as genies, have captivated human imagination for centuries. These supernatural entities, rooted in Arabian folklore, have been portrayed in various ways in different cultural and literary works. This essay seeks to examine the age-old question: are djinn inherently good or evil? Drawing upon historical accounts, literary representations, and religious texts, we will explore the multifaceted nature of djinn, illustrating that they possess the potential for both benevolence and malevolence.

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Love Story Campaign

When TLS learned of this incredible love story, we were swept away. It’s not often you read of a real love story and one that

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Wait What?

It’s difficult to find out your author to whom you support and love is not the person who you thought they were. Yes, it sucks! Since the beginning of time, we find out our idols, elders, and others sometimes seem impossibly perfect, as if carved from unbreakable marble they are fixed in this point of history that is marked and indelible in our minds.

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A Collection of Mead Recipes for you to make your own mead at home!

A Special Thank You

If your looking for an amazing mead and happen to be in Huntsville, Alabama, we highly recommend our retail partners at Ravenwood Meadery. 

Roo has been incredibly generous to our publishing house, stocking both Maria and Kveldulfs books as well as our rune decks.

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