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Education Continued

Educational leaders have an obligation to implement tools for societal change. The public school system was conceived and developed in the 1920s as an industrial

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Peace In Education

Peace in Education Statas Quo since the 1920s and Need for Change in the 2020s -By CP- Educational leaders have an obligation to implement tools

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Warwick’s ‘Yule’ Cake

Warwick’s ‘Yule’ Cake. Ingredients 1 kg dried fruit mix. 350ml Honey Mead. 200gms dried and diced figs. 200gms diced ginger. 500gms nut mix – Pine,

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Writing Prompts

NEW FEATURE!! Writing Challenges!! This one is called Writer’s Prompt. The rules are simple for this one: Choose a season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) Write

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