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Life after NaNoWriMo

Many of our dear readers, and authors, have spent November toiling away at their 50,000 words.  They’ve created worlds, they’ve watched their stories unfold and

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Agony but Awesome

Ok, I don’t know if I am alone in this…but it’s super hard to read your own writing sometimes, there is something weird about seeing

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META Exclusive!

We are excited to announce we are going to be featured in META's Holiday Shopping Guide!

Starting November 21, 2022 use the code displayed to snag 30% off all items in house or Etsy!

So excited to share this announcement! As members of the Leadership Network with META [Formerly Facebook} we occasionally get some perks that make membership worth it. Not only did our little business get invited to the live gathering in Washington where we got to meet our fellow leaders, learn some new skills and network with lawmakers, we have also had the opportunity to join other networks that help female founders find resources, funding and additional support to help us create companies that provide not just products but who are community builders in their respective fields.

One such advantage was the announcement from META that they wanted to help small business this year by creating a showcase of small businesses that would be promoted throughout late November through December. The Three Little Sisters made the cut and we are featured in the guide on page 16. During the entire month of December you can grab apothecary products for 30% off! Not just that but, from December 15th-18th…you can get FREE SHIPPING on all apothecary products along with the 30% off! Support small business this year by getting your Christmas gifts from business that rely on community support to thrive.


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