New Launches

We are going to be launching two new platforms in 2022 to help push our immersive reading/writing philosophy. Purchasing products and workshops help fund things like grants for authors, books for kids and more!

Platform Launches

The second platform we are launching is The Three Little Sisters Society where you can take workshops on writing, novel building, character building and more. Take part in free or pay as you go workshops all that help fund our grant and book supply initatives.

Planned Titles for 2022

The titles listed below are planned for the first part of 2022. Actual release dates will be put out about three weeks prior to launch.

In the Works 2022-2023

These are in the works but not guaranteed to release at a specific time. We produce at least one non fiction title per year but occasionally depending on time and staff availability can publish more than that per year. These are the non-fiction titles planned for 2022-2023.