Coming Soon in 2021/2022

Our unicorns are working hard to finalize our list of books that are coming out over the next year. We have confirmed that between now and December the following will be released!

  • Trickster & The Thunder God and The Poetic Edda, Six Cosmology Poems-Maria Kvilhaug
  • Maisie & The Clootie Tree-Seana Walsh [May be delayed]
  • The Watch-Sean Austin
  • Reading The Bones-Sheal Mullin Berube, Larisa Hunter, Sarah Strickland
  • Rock Start Confidence-Jackie Jacobs

In the works, aiming for this year may fall into early 2022

  • Proceed With Caution-Jon Peterson
  • Book of Pirates-Restored Classic

We have a full house right now and are working our best to get books out as quick as possible. If you are looking for a specific title, please bare with us as we work very hard to fulfill all community requests in a timely fashion.

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