Discovering Your Kink

This month’s theme was certainly a test for me. I am not exactly the most adept at erotica…or at least that is what I thought. Last year, when I got to write The Bone Jar with my fellow sister Sheal this dark lurking somewhat repressed nature perked up as it were and was ready for her debut. What began as a way for me to unburden a lot of traumas let me also embrace an aspect of myself that I didn’t know what there. When I got into this art form, I knew it would challenge me to broaden myself, to embrace and become something new. Each time I grew in my connection to my faith, to the art form to which I was bonded, and to new skills that I would learn to sharpen. Sheal, of all three of us, has the most experience when it comes to the field of erotica, she is the most versed in the subject. From her, I learned that I could unleash this hidden vixen in new ways. It was this that showed me a new hidden gift and that is truly a neat thing to have. I find that the lucky part of being around so many gifted and talented writers, you become able to feel freer with your art form. They allow you to see something within yourself that you didn’t see before.

When working with Stephan and Melodi Grundy I learned the artful language of intimate relationships and how to lay in careful metaphors that just hint and the art occurring behind closed doors. The gifted wordsmiths that they lend a great boon to those seeking out darker shores. I would highly recommend Maeve’s Raid to those who don’t mind a good romp (literally) through the conquest that women took part in. I find the Grundy’s attempt at every turn to show that both genders (and variants) can take part in sex and do….often…

I find tasteful interjection of sexual content to be sometimes I nice way to break up heavy books that deal with heavy concepts. I think that done correctly, it can be used to effectively give us moments when we blush, fantasize and escape our world in healthy ways. 

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