As TLS grows we have initiated a expansion to our retail and wholesale outlets as well as an expansion of the site.In 2022 we are adding some other features that might be useful to those out there who are looking at either submitting or ordering books that might become available over the next year to two years.


Kindle Vella


We have now expanded to Kindle Vella as a method for increasing direct dollars to the publishing house as a funnel to help offset costs of staff/distribution. Vella Episodes will generate capital that will go into the publishing houses efforts to hire full time staff by 2023

July 15, 2020

Bookpedia Expansion

Expansion Phase One

Adding a hybrid to heathen based titles that will include a list of cited materials across all heathen publications.

Early 2022

Bookpedia Expansion

Expansion Phase Two

Adding a hybrid to pagan themed publications to add citations, independent research and materials for any title containing pagan content.

Mid 2022

Countdown has begun for our Book Announcement List 2022! Tune in on this blog for a big list of books coming out in 2022. All books announced are scheduled for tentative release over the 2022 calendar year and should be on time.