[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Halloween. One of my favorite times of the year. I remember as a kid running home to catch the newest Halloween episode of Rosanne because those folks knew how to Halloween let me tell you – no I don’t support the actress in her shameful display of racism that lost her job on the reboot. Oh, the stories I have of Halloween like the one year we used a harness to haul the guys (they took turns) into a big maple tree on my sister in laws front lawn. The guy would hang there loosely and lay in wait to scare people with a live human jump scare. Too bad we didn’t get that on camera but back then, cell phones were still rising to the “it thing to have” level of devices. Only better off, rather than well off like when I was in college had cell phones.

Then there was the year we went all out and decorated the inside of the garage with a black background, black lighting, and strobe effects with a fog machine and music and bats, and oh joy! Contacts and “Coffin Fangs” (they still make those, expensive as always), scaring people with a glare. We are the real-life version of those Halloween specials on Rosanne. It’s our Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving rolled into one.

Then there was the year we ended up in the paper because, well my household is huge, we are a 7 person family (my sister is an 8 person family). 5 kids with the 2 adults, ALL dressed up in a small town trick or treating. The local newspaper decided they wanted to use us as their photo op for that year for the Halloween festivities. Dad the ghost, made away with almost as much candy as the kids did that year!

October is my favorite month because it has my favorite holiday. Being the horror writer that I am and all. Scary is my forte, my bread and butter, and what better way to celebrate it than to go all out in murderous style than writing Bone Jar posts and new chapters in the novella itself. Stay frightening folks. Have a great Halloween month and let me know in the comment section what your Halloween traditions are!

Shameless plug here, if you like horror, crime thrillers or vampire novels go check out some of my work in our catalog and at Patreon. I always appreciate reader support and patron support. I’m grateful to the folks who continue to support us at TLS and our authors. Without all you, we wouldn’t be us! Happy Halloween!


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