How To: Create a Fairy Tale-Part One

Over the next 3 posts, we’ll be creating our very own fairy tales!  We will discuss some of the main parts of creating a fairy tale, along with some helpful hints along the way to help get your creative engines going.  So, let your imaginations run wild, and let’s have some fun.

Heroes and Villains

The first important part of any fairy tale is the theme or the lesson.   For example, in Beauty and the Beast, the lesson of the story is that beauty is found within and not to judge someone too harshly.  In Three Little Pigs, the moral is about being brave, smart, and determined.   Take some time to figure out what lesson you want to share with the world. 

Now that we know what the lesson is, let’s create our characters! To do this, we need a hero and a villain.   Your hero is going to be the good guy, but the one that has to learn the lesson of your story the hard way.   What kind of hero do you want to create?  What makes them the hero?  You can put as much or as little info in your story about them as you like.  Maybe they have a really cool hobby that plays into the story, or family or friends that are part of the fairy tale too.

The villain is going to be the bad guy, the one who finds a way to teach your hero the moral of your story. Ask yourself the same questions as when you created your hero.  What makes them the villain?  How do they treat the hero and what kind of things do they put the hero through?

Here are some examples of well-known heroes and villains:  Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk vs the evil giant, the Three Little Pigs vs. the Big Bad Wolf, and Cinderella vs her evil stepmother.  


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