Riding The Bones

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This project contains three books and a oracle deck that was based on personal inspiration by the authors of the three volumes. The project dives into the modern views of death and dying and squares that against ancient views and dives into Hel and Morrigan as a frame for the possible inclusion and exclusion of ancestor veneration.


What is death? How do we deal with loss? Riding The Bones is a book that explores our relationship with life and death and the spiritual past that inspires us to form views on how we personally cope with loss. The book details not only a modern exploration of how we mourn, cope and deal with loss but a snapshot into time as the book explores the history of Celtic and Norse people and their relationship with the gods. The worldview of connectivity in an infinite cycle may seem like a utopian view, but for the ancient people, the world of life and death was intricately connected. The care of the dead and the preparation of bodies was imperative to their crossing and was ever evolving. Riding the Bones details the deep relationships they had with the dead and the use and care of bodies and how one could transition from humble body to divine grandmother.

Reading The Bones [Deck & Instructions]


  • A unique oracle deck with instructions included, Reading The Bones will come with a special three part video series on how to use the deck available to those who purchase the deck.
  • A Death Goddess Crate will also be produced sometime over the next two years. The crate will contain: all three books, the deck, a layout cloth, a collection of toss-able oracle items for those that like to do bone toss and a special amulet.
  • The crate will be limited to 5 and be numbered and hand carved/burnt with a special mark

Deck Release: October 2021

Depiction of future Death Goddess box. The box will include a bar of Honeysuckle soap, the RTB Oracle deck, the hand made silver skull necklace and the black beeswax candles. Upgrade to the ‘intention’ box and get a custom sheet of Hel and Morrigan with quick facts and offering suggestions along with the tossing runes kit.

Book One: Riding The Bones


  • The book is divided into multiple sections.
  • It introduces both the Nordic and Celtic cultures, beliefs and backgrounds as well as gives an extensive overview on the primary goddesses [Hel and Morrigan]. 
  • The book dives into variations on death and related lore/practices as well as theories on the death journey.
  • It contains ghost stories, myths and related lore
  • It features articles written by Katie Harwood [Why Children Don’t Go to Valhalla] and Tal Lee
  • The book is extensively researched and provides a massive amount of references for others to follow.


  • It dives into personal experiences with death and dying
  • Reflects varying views about ancestor veneration
  • Contains funeral practices, rituals and customs
  • Discusses death/dying in the modern age
  • As well as ton of other information

Anticipated: October 2022

Book Two: Summoning The Bones


  • In the second book we dive into the  other goddesses that will be included in the oracle deck.
  • The second will include;
    • rituals
    • poetry
    • meditations
    • and more
      • to each goddess both Nordic and Celtic

Anticipated: December 2022

Riding The Bones Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episode One

The first of three episodes on the project

Podcast Episode Two

The second of three episodes on the project

Podcast Episode Three

The last of three episodes on the project

The Research

A list of all Academia.edu, Common Domain books, and all resources used in writing the three books.

Visual Presentation

A full online presentation of the project including a talk from each author involved.

The Morrigan

An in-depth article on her and the practices involving her current and past concepts. May include expansive workshops and information for those interested in the Celtic gods.



An in-depth series on Hel and the practices modern/past including an expansive workshop series on her and a virtual q&a with the authors involved in researching her.


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