Artist’s Corner: Immortal Chronicles

How the Immortal Chronicles cover imagery and typography was chosen.

This book was my first collaborative with a brother from another mother, Todd. He’s the second half of our (my) pen name of Tabitha Todd. Another cover that has seen many incarnations over the last few years. This one being the one I settled on. This book is actually a YA series so expect another set of covers coming out at some point, along with the continuation of the story itself of course.

How did I choose this cover? I wanted mystical, the woman on the cover (fantastic model, gorgeous woman) is the depiction of “The Evil One” with a quote of the story within transcribed upon her face.

The back cover has mixed typography to emphasize certain words to catch the reader’s eye more accurately. I wanted the emphasis on the surreal as the hook for this book series. To capture younger audiences attention.

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