Butter Box Babies

The Butterbox Babies Trigger Warning: I’m usually not one to use TWs much but this one, I think, deserves a bit of a warning (and


The Handmaids Tale-Eternal Relevance

Everything in this icon book was something historical. M. Atwood who wrote a number of books, but seems to be forever attached to this one publication, sits in every interview with that little tidbit. It’s amazing to hear that women don’t understand that this is based on facts, on history, on the world that was.

Nevermore Podcast

Podcast Returns October 30th

Nevermore Podcast is back! We are kicking off with a two part episode on horror. In the first episode we take on the cult classic


5 Years Now, Here’s to Another 5

I remember the day I saw the post for a cover. Embracing Heathenry. I figured, why not help a fellow weaver of stories out. Turns out we have quite a bit in common.