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Let’s talk about the Silent Invasion. Yesterday you saw the very first installment of the serial chapter novel. Some of you might have even seen the serial before (possibly, maybe not but you never know).

The Prologue starts you, the reader off with Gus. Good old Gus. An old fella with a wife who’s in the beginning stages of dementia and a very badly neglected barn the city has been after him for. Gus won’t be staying long with us because, well “nom nom”… I won’t ruin the details for you, you’ll have to find out yourself (hint: “The Prologue” is a link).

Silent Invasion was a long-ago brainchild of mine under the pen name Tabitha Todd. I never did finish it, but now I’m looking to finish that little brain seed in the next coming year… On top of my full plate of course for everything else here at Three Little Sisters – I can hear Larisa chiding me about not ever stopping to breath while running right beside me at full throttle with me – We are in the middle of setting up Patreon, and Silent Invasion will have some awesome extras for our patrons through Patreon (keep checking back, we will let you know when we launch our Patreon). But Sheal, don’t leave us hanging, what do we expect from Patreon and what we might get being a patron? Well, things like exclusive artwork, outlines, and one on one with the author of the work. Exclusive content that only a patron would have access to.

For now, here’s the rundown on Silent Invasion:

Set in the modern day town of Elliot Lake, Ontario a 34 year old woman named Layla finds herself embroiled in a life or death race for both her survival and that of the human species. As she comes up against a vile smelling creature that kills her dog she meets Chokan, an aggressive feline like alien from a planet named Ravnos.

He saves her life and they begin their journey together to Ottawa to warn the Canadian government about the invading alien species known as the Gatherers and their plans to destroy the planet Earth’s resources for their unknown masters.

Along the way both Layla and Chokan not only battle the Gatherers but their own differences and similarities. Learning to get along under the strain of the silent invasion may break or make the pair of haphazard and unlikely hero. Will they succeed? Or are they doomed to fail miserably?


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