Come, all ye heathens,
and gather around!
Come from all Midgard
with joyful sound!
Gladness bringing,
bells are ringing,
Men and women
Hail to the Gods!

Come round the fire
that merry burns!
Come watch the sunrise
as another year turns!
Solstice night
bears a new light,
winter´s might
is put to flight:
Let us rejoice!

Come round the Yule-Tree
and share our meal!
May the Gods bring you
fair blessings and weal!
Bounty receiving,
gifts we are giving,
Aesir and Vanir
feast with us here:
Praise to the Gods!

 © 2007 Michaela Macha

Yule is here! Today is the first day of Yule for practicing heathens/pagans. Today we celebrate generally with a big feast, lighting some lights, and some families exchange gifts! May you have a very merry yuletide and a wonderful new year.

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