My Favorite Disney Movie-Larisa

My Favorite Disney Movie


As my memories are fused with Disney movies, it was hard to narrow down my favorites, so I think I was able to narrow it down to my top four.

Sleeping Beauty is perhaps my most favorite of all of the Disney movies listed. Not just because of the most fabulous villain Maleficent. This movie had so many fabulous pieces to it, including the transition into a green fire breathing dragon. It was epic! For me, the classic cartoon version was equally good as the live-action version, in fact, I thought Angelina’s performance was delicious, she was an amazing Mistress of Evil and made the movie fantastic!

I loved The Sword in the Stone. The music, Merlin, the transformation of the initial Author legend into a cooky Disneyfied film was amazing! My favorite part of this film was again the villain Mad Madame Mim. She is just the most amazingly awful villain who really takes the cake for cheesy, annoyance to a new level of trolldom. I mean who else can confound Merlin by cheating and transforming into a crocodile when he was a rabbit, into a fire breathing dragon when he is just a squirrel, she took transformation bullying into a new level of low. It’s also a film that doesn’t kill the villain.



Ok I know, I know…some of this film is highly annoying but omg there is nothing more special than Olaf. The whole ‘i love warm hugs’ thing gets me, and his innocent child-like spirit simply melts my heart. The film is different in terms of what they choose to highlight, but there are so many beautiful songs in it, and Disney kind of teases us with insulting itself throughout, providing that maybe we should disregard previous films that encourage first loves kiss and instead maybe actually spend time with a person. They also didn’t make love or marriage a central theme which I have to say I enjoyed.



Moana was really enjoyable to watch. The music, the story, the whole narrative was incredible. The movie reminded me of why I love Disney because it made me nostalgic for the mystical storytelling that they exhibited in earlier films like Frozen and Black Cauldron. It reminded me of the clever ways that this effort in weaving things into animation is something that they are the best at.

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