Nevermore Podcast Instructions-Android

Thanks to Sheal for sourcing out how to listen to our podcast on Android!


Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.40.07 PMFind the App Castbox, download and install






Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.39.50 PM in the search area, type in Nevermore Podcast

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.39.59 PM

You will find this box that shows all the episodes, with the main logo, click on the little bookmark icon

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.40.35 PM

You will know that you bookmarked it because it will turn green

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.40.49 PM


Play the episodes, by hitting the PLAY button. From here you can pause or play whenever you want






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Nevermore Podcast Instructions-Android

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