Ever wondered how we pick book covers? What goes into figuring out what sells? What inspires our covers? Find out, in our new feature called Cover Explorer, where you to can explore the inspiration behind the art, and purchase some poster copies of some of our artistic creations.

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Artist’s Corner: Valkyrie

27 Jul 2021

How the Valkyrie cover imagery and typography was chosen. First, let me say that I absolutely love...

Maeves Raid Makes Finalist at American Fiction Awards

27 Jul 2021

Last year, we submitted Maeve’s Raid to the American Book Fest for consideration. On August 14th, 2020...

Artist’s Corner: Junked

26 Jul 2021

How the Junked cover imagery and typography was chosen. This is one of my books, well short...

Episode 13-Law & Publishing

24 Jul 2021

May's episode is all about the law of publishing, copyright, protecting your writing and when to get...