Old Blog Posts Reclaimed!! Yeah Brilliant Husband :)

Thank goodness I have such a skillful hubby around 😉 Anyway before lurid minds start wandering, I am posting all my old blog posts here that appeared in my original blog around 2008. I hope you enjoy them because they bring back some strong memories for me, and if I look at them in comparison with my new journies, a lot has changed.

I should note that my original work began when I was pledged to Odin and yes I did see myself as one of his Valkyries, I served him very faithfully, and don’t think there is any issue in referring to myself as his Valkyrie, and that is where I got my heathen name anyway, so this was the beginning for me, and has stuck with me to this day, it is amazing to see these journies again! I will be posting everything once I get it out of the Excel spreadsheet they are in and organized into some semblance of order in which I can present the information on our new site!

I hope everyone will get something out of them and it truly is interesting to reflect on our former experiences as we move further in our spiritual development. I guess it reminds me of certain runes like Isa in that we sometimes need to reflect, to stop, and look at our past, in a way sometimes it is so helpful to re-read your journey work later on, as your perceptions change massively, although some things never change. I really can see in these original journeys that I totally had no clue what I was doing and just jumped in with both feet and there I was, in Yggdrasil with no map, no clue what the heck to do, and now look at me. 3 years later and still floundering with many concepts, do I know better? Perhaps not, but I feel that I tread more carefully than before, I think more carefully before I act, and I analyze more deeply because I still strive to understand.

Perhaps the greatest part of all of this is the trip itself, the willingness to sit there and say, ok gods…show me….and then open yourself up to the possibility that this other reality is as real as the one you live in. I would have never guessed I would make it to that place and certainly never thought that I would lose and gain myself over and over, but I feel better for it, and don’t think I would have it any other way!

I have determined to make myself continue because I feel driven to! I think that is the beauty and curse of shaman work, driven to near madness at times is a hard thing to grasp, but here you go again and again into that place and return somehow different, changed, but still yourself. It is wonderful and frightening all at once! I hope whatever happens next is as equally.

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