On Being Gemini

What’s it like to be a Gemini…

I’m sitting here smirking and thinking about the meme that goes around about pissing off Quebecer girls being akin to trying to baptize a cat.

Geminis are truly dual people. I have one side of me that you just don’t cross (Release the Krakkicorn …right Larisa?). That side is usually reserved for my hard line in the sand, don’t push the big red button, just don’t do it subject matter. That subject matter is family and friends – say what you want about me, do to me what you want but don’t ever cross the line with family and friends. Not ever. I take a hard line, release the hound’s stance on people who use others to gain for their own benefit. Basically, anything that is dishonorable and just downright unethical or immoral.

The dangerous, aggressive man twin comes out when those hard lines are crossed. This side of me is where my fierce loyalty comes from and sense of right and wrong and the “I’m not afraid to tell you like it is” brutal honesty.

There’s the other side of me, the ditzy, silly girl side that screams at the site of a huge dock spider crawling across her leg, the sometimes girly princess unicorn “Oh my Gawd” side. The one who wears her heart on her sleeve and bend over backward for anyone girl. The silly side that will get up and run around in a circle making weird noises because it makes the other people laugh side. That’s my easy-going, light-hearted twin that comes out to play and make people laugh.

Being a dual personality can be harrowing for some of the folks around me, sometimes they don’t know how to take me as I come. I’m hard to read at times because of my duality. I’ve been told I certainly keep people on their toes and that when I’m angry it’s more akin to trying to baptize a mountain lion rather than a house cat!

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