Our Company

Our Mission

The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that focuses on stories that matter. With our combined 16 years in law, editing, and art, we apply the tricks we have learned to get a book not just published but published with the best possible chance of success.

We are family-owned and operated, providing our authors with VIP treatment at every step of the way. Authors are kept in the loop with constant updates, asked to provide feedback at different stages to ensure all parties are satisfied.

We work hard to ensure all books get a dash of our unicorn magic to make them a work of art!

What We Do

We take manuscripts from their humble beginnings and transform them into fully formed books. We are not a vanity press, there are no fees for submitting or publishing your book. We run our house just like the big publishers do. We use a hybrid model that combines Amazon Print on Demand, Kindle, Apple Books, and Android formats to ensure authors can achieve total coverage across platforms. We utilize limited print run services with our own private print house. 

Our Goals

To provide quality books that; inspire, educate, thrill, and elevate. We support and promote titles that showcase voice from minority, lgbtq+, and academic communities. We publish both seasoned and new authors our goal is to provide a platform for authors that they can be proud of. One that focuses on providing readers with something unique, meaningful, and profound. 

Storytelling is a cornerstone of TLS, inside every book is a piece of an author’s soul expressed upon a written page. we combine both digital and hand made illustrations inside our kid’s line to give books just that little bit extra.

Our Standards

We provide the full range of services that you would expect at any publishing house. Our team is dedicated to your success, each member works with our authors throughout the process, to ensure that each book meets our high standards. We don’t require authors to have an agent, or a giant stack of manuscripts, or to be an influencer with millions of followers, all we need is an author that believes they are worth publishing to trust our knowledge, experience, and unicorn powers.

Beyond Publishing

The Three Little Sisters is more than a publisher. We provide everything from document creation to developmental editing. Our publishing house is more than books. We produced limited-run magazines, ezines, templates of all kinds, brochures, and more. We also provide a service to help you get out of your predatory contract and get with a publisher that cares about you. We have fought and won back contracts for authors, ensuring they not only get their rites back but also any outstanding royalties. 

We continue to adapt to changing technology, applying what we know to enhance books with QR codes, interactive links, and other advanced features. Our podcast division dives into the topics of writing, art, culture, and examines the truth behind many of our novels. Come join a publisher that things into the future, and become one of the many authors that we have helped launch into successful published authors.


Publications created by authors are protected by copyright. The information provided on this page is sourced from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Works published at the TLS belong to the authors who wrote them. TLS retains the right to publish these works in print and digital forms as well as use excerpts from within the works for promotional use.

We retain the right to determine valid requests for review copies, and make determinations on who receives review copies. We reserve the right to prevent others from using excerpts from any work provided here in any manner that has not been authorized by this company or the authors to whom they represent.

Works provided by TLS are for personal enjoyment only. Anyone wishing to use books provided by authors for; private lectures, public workshops or private educational purposes, which would constitute a specified licence, must optaion permission from TLS prior to the works being used in that setting.

A work (including books, free downloads, articles and other marked content) is not permitted to be copied. This means you may not scan the entire manuscript and use it for any purpose. You may make up to 10 pages available via photocopy if needed, but any greater page requirements require permission.

If you are unsure how to cite a source, see this page by WikiHow.

Review Restrictions

Books provided by TLS whether in print or digital, are limited to a single copy with no rights to distribute unless explicitly stated. Reviewers may reference and use up to 5 pictures of pages from the interior of the book and or a miss of cover and interior photos for use on any public-facing review. We require that posting of all reviews includes a visible link to TLS in a prominent location.

Company Branding

To ensure you have a legitimate copy, check to ensure our logo is placed inside the title page, on the back cover/spine or both, the words The Three Little Sisters LLC on the interior near the bottom of the copyright page.

Our logo and branding are included in all ads, our logo comes in three different shades. The black logo is the most common, the yellow or gold logo is used on dark/black backgrounds and cherry pink on horror-themed books. All of our logos, promotional ads and pieces displayed are property of TLS and are not available for use by any party without our permission.

Our Staff

Our staff comes from all walks of life. They are here because they want to work with a company that focuses on independent voices and supports community writers. Most of our illustrators are interns who come here to build a portfolio for future work. Our staff supports indie publishers like us because we are a focused on passion over profit.

Larisa Hunter


Runs the day to day operations, layout, marketing, website and more.

Sheal Mullin Berube


Organizes projects, runs accounting, website work, shop orders and more.

Sarah Strickland


Assists with creative project planning, social media, ads, operations and more.

Geneva Broussard


Official editor of TLS , Geneva has a background in law and english and is beloved by authors for her insights and notes.

A snapshot of our various social media accounts


Our authors come from a broad range of backgrounds. Although we support all points of view, TLS does not control the personal behavior of its authors or staff on or offline. We are not responsible for statements that any author or staff member says online on their personal pages.

IF an offensive comment has been made by an administrator, owner, or partner of this page or outlet managed by TLS [The Three Little Sisters & Nevermore Podcast], please report it to us via our Contact Us form and we will address it.

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