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Our Mission

To find and cultivate authors from various backgrounds and communities and bring them into the public view by publishing their book in various formats. The goal is to preserve writing as an art form and to lift up marginalized communities. We provide not only publishing services, but also resources for writers that are beneficial. Instead of vague or unclear steps on how to publish, our ability to convey information in an easy to digest manner with a focus on transparency, allows us to give authors the best possible start. Our goal is not just to publish, but to uplift writers of all kinds.

Authors are kept in the loop with constant updates, asked to provide feedback at different stages to ensure all parties are satisfied. We work hard to ensure all books get a dash of our unicorn magic to make them a work of art! The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that focuses on putting the author first.

Company Branding

To ensure you have a legitimate copy, check to ensure our logo is placed inside the title page, on the back cover/spine or both, the words The Three Little Sisters LLC on the interior near the bottom of the copyright page. Our logo and branding are included in all ads, our logo comes in three different shades. The black logo is the most common, the yellow or gold logo is used on dark/black backgrounds and cherry pink/raspberry or variants on horror-themed books. All of our logos, promotional ads and pieces displayed are property of TLS and are not available for use by any party without our permission. Our brand pallet consists of: Hex #000000, #f9008dm #fff78f, #81dbd8

Our Story

We founded this company because we believe in the power of words, we believe that words have the ability to heal, to teach, to inspire and are an art form that preserves significant literary contributions to the human experience. Our philosophy is to provide authors with all the services typical of publishing plus a heavy dose of transparency, dedication and personal services. We believe that everyone deserves to be heard, and that diverse voices make for a better more open society. We pride ourselves on protecting the rights of those that are marginalized and oppressed and do not welcome hate into our house. We support communities of color, lgtbq+ and those who need accessibly accommodations.

The company is women owned and operated. We take manuscripts from their humble beginnings and transform them into fully formed books. We are not a vanity press, there are no fees for submitting or publishing your book. We run our house just like the big publishers do. We use a hybrid model that combines Amazon Print on Demand, Kindle, Apple Books, and Android formats to ensure authors can achieve total coverage across platforms. We utilize limited print run services with our own private print house. Through this method, we are able to keep a book in print much longer, giving much more access to publications. Rather than frustrating readers with out-of-print books that end up costing hundreds of dollars, we grant the ability to give access to these books to everyone.

Company History

The Three Little Sisters is an independent publisher that focuses on stories that matter. With our combined 16 years in law, editing, and art, we apply the tricks we have learned to get a book not just published but published with the best possible chance of success. We are family-owned and operated, providing our authors with VIP treatment at every step of the way.

Founded in 2008 and rebranded in 2018, TLS has been a place for those who can’t get published anywhere else. We utilize every skill we have to ensure that books are eye-catching, desirable, readable and accessible to as many people as possible.

The Founders & Board of The Three Little Sisters

Our core team is made up of three women who run the day to day operations of The Three Little Sisters. Each of them have decades of experience in editing, writing, publishing and law. 

Our Standard

Our team focuses on the quality of books. We take the time to ensure that all books meet our standards of editing, design and format. Our team is committed to ensuring your project launches as flawlessly as possible.

The Editors and Audio Team
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Full & Partial Publishing Services

We offer both traditional publishing as well as single service publishing for authors that might just need a pinch of editing or a cover to adore their masterpiece

Our Services

Full Publishing Services

Our publishing house takes pride in what we do. We know how difficult it is to get published. We provide everything you need to get your book out to the right community. Our services are provided at no cost to the author. We work on traditional royalties that provide a stream of revenue for authors big or small. Our team provides all the editing, layout and cover work for you. All you need to do is work on your following, and assist in the collaborative process.

Single Services

For authors that may not be ready to publish, or whom may just want to support our house with single use services, our company provides ways for authors to finalize a book for production either with us at a later time or via self publishing. We can provide; editing, covers, illustration and art for those seeking these services.

Other Services

Through our creative outlet Unicorn Canvas we produce a ton of ready made templates, illustrations and remade art. However, we also offer resume preparation, document writing and more. All profits from our Unicorn Canvas brand fund our publishing house and our non-profit foundation.

Our Portfolio

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For submissions or inquiries on our services please use the contact us page. To purchase a single use product or book, visit our shop.