Artist’s Corner: Pagan Child

How the Pagan Child cover imagery and typography was chosen.

Pagan Child takes place in Denmark and Lithuania. I wanted to feature Denmark within this cover to show the story line background setting.

Since it’s also in a very cold climate and the story takes place in the 14th century the furs and weapons of the time were a key feature as well. Hence the ‘unidentified’ person holding what the priests and church might have viewed as ‘primitive’ weaponry at the time.

The typography was done in a way to show parts of the elegance and grandeur of the story line as well as the nobility of the main characters.

If you hadn’t noticed, sometimes the E Book cover will have subtle or distinct differences from each other as well. Example, here the E Book has white on the cover while the print has black.

Want to read about how other covers were made? Click here.
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