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Jon PetersenAuthor of Proceed With Caution
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I’ve been writing for over 2 decades. In 2017 I decided I was going to self-publish. I set out to write a novel, edit that novel, re-edit that novel, and put it on the market. I did just that and found that navigating the self-publishing world is just as difficult as the traditional market. It was great that my book was out there to the masses but without a better plan for editing, marketing, design, layout, and all of the other things that go into a novel I was really no better off than when I started. My book was published though, in 2019. In 2020 through a little bit of fate, some luck, and essentially being at the right time and the right place I was introduced to the 3 little sisters. It was almost by happen stance, but since they agreed to take on my novel, I have moved it from the self-publishing realm and into the indie world. The staff at three little sisters have been extremely helpful. They have re-edited my novel, created designs for cover art and have taken the lead on creating marketing materials to assist with the eventual push of the novel in the not-so-distant future. The staff have been extremely susceptible to answering all questions and are more than willing to point new authors in the right direction. I can’t say enough about the three hardest working individuals in the indie publishing business. This company takes care of authors. I have learned so much from them and am thankful for their insight and guidance. We are not done yet, but we have a great start and a bright future. The staff are exceptional. They care about books and authors. And that is what it should be all about anyway. Thank you to Sheal, Larisa, and Sarah for taking a chance on an author who has been rejected by large publishing companies so many times he almost wallpapered an entire room with those notices. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and my work.
Benjamin BrooksAuthor of Chronicles of Wind and Water
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I looked for months, trying to find a publisher for my book. Self publishing was too daunting for me at the time so I needed to go traditional. Thankfully TLS was there for me. They have amazing people and an amazing team. If you want a publisher that will communicate with you when you need it, look no further.
S. WalshAuthor of Maisie
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Trends in literature, especially in children's books, really affect your ability to find a publisher. My books aren't flashy. They are quiet stories about survival. I was worried that no one would be interested in helping me send my story out into the world. I was very lucky to find The Three Little Sisters, and that they believed in my ability to craft a story that would both enchant and educate children. As a first time author, The Three Little Sisters has guided me through the publishing process with a gentle hand. I have appreciated their flexibility and respect for my vision. I feel supported not only by TLS, but also by their community of authors and artists that I am able to communicate with regularly. Since my book was released, I have been featured on podcasts and newspaper articles. My book graces the shelves of my local bookstore and is easily found on Amazon. I'm a real author, with a real book, with a real publisher, and that is a dream come true.
Daniel SmallegangeAuthor of The City
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The team at Three Little Sisters are great. Really amazing hands on approach and they treat their writers like family. They are always there and ready to help and answer questions quickly. I am excited to watch this company grow.
T. J. FierAuthor of The Bright One
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The people (ladies/women???) of TLS are incredible collaborators. I genuinely feel like I'm part of a team. If I have a concern or a question, they always answer in a quick and helpful manner. I'm delighted to be a part of TLS.
Sasha HantonAuthor of It's All Magic To Me
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TLS are a wonderful publisher; they work tirelessly to help their authors’ books be the best they can be! Larisa and Sheal are always open to questions and provide prompt answers, and they have a contagious can-do spirit that makes the whole process feel fun and exciting rather than overwhelming and daunting. Working with TLS is an absolute dream, they truly make the publishing journey enjoyable by letting their authors know we’re not alone and are valued. I’m so grateful to work with them and hope to continue working with the TLS team in future.
Dawn BrunellAuthor of Annabeth's House
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The Three Little Sisters isn't just a publisher. It's the place where many of us morphed from writers into authors. Writing is a solitary way of life, and the connection we have with other authors reminds us that despite our different backgrounds and lifestyles, we share many of the same problems with our work. Larisa and Sheal are always there to answer a question or help with Dropbox (in my case). I'm very happy and proud to be a part of The Three Little Sisters.

Presentations by TLS


The Three Little Sisters takes part in many online media events including conversations on Diversity, Disability and other conversations with Inclusivv to ensure our voice as authors, publishers, women, and disabled persons.


The Three Little Sisters was featured on Founded By Her a platform created by Stacy’s that elevates women business owners. 

The Three Little Sisters is active in Facebooks Leadership Network. Recently, in 2022, Larisa Hunter our President, attended the Meta Gather event where she networked with other business leaders and advocated for small business with her state senators.

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